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Student Fees (AMS & MACTE):                     $   350
            Resource Albums & Supplies:                500
            Tuition:                                                         6,900
            Total:                                                             $7,750

Early Childhood Financial Information

Option 1: Full payment before June 1 
$7,750 Total due and payable 

Option 2: 2 Payments 

$3,875 due June 1, before first summer academic session starts 
$3,875 due June 1, before second summer academic session starts  
$7,750 Total 

Please contact the MTCOB office for information about credit card payments.

In addition to the Montessori Training Center of Brentwood tuition costs, candidates will have other expenses.  These include: books, materials, albums, and internship visitation fees (if out of the local Nashville area/to be determined on an individual basis).  

Total Expense:
            Application Fee:            $   100  ($200 after May 2)
            (Application fee is nonrefundable and is used to fund the application process.)